Daddy Derek is the father of Cool Cat. He is an older man, and he appears to be married to Mama Cat. It is unknown what job he works, meaning it is possible he is retired, however it is also possible we simply do not see him working on screen.

Bio Edit

Early Life (or lack thereof) Edit

It is unknown who Daddy Derek's parents are, or if he even has any, or if they are currently alive by the time cool cat saves the kids takes place. We also don't know much about his childhood either, with it being unknown who he was friends with, what schools he attended, or how his upbringing affected his behavior

Personality Edit

Daddy Derek is an extremely kindhearted man, being very friendly to everyone he meets, being especially caring for his child, Cool Cat. He genuinely cares for the safety of the local children, at one point ensuring their safety by calling the cops and Butch's father to ensure that Butch would not hurt anyone by bringing a firearm to school. He is also very supporting of Cool Cat's endeavors, assisting him when necessary. He is hardworking, but also enjoys fun and music, with him being especially proud of his autographed Van Halen guitar, and also helping Cool Cat make a music video that his wife said the kids would "Boogie to that song"

Appearance Edit

He is a older man, with his hair being grayer than normal. He has brown eyes. He has completely white teeth. He is, however shorter, considering Cool Cat is taller than him. He often wears various dress shirts and jeans.

Occupation Edit

While we do not see Daddy Derek working, it is possible he is retired. However, he also appears to be somehow affiliated with the organizers of the Hollywood parade, with him being able to participate in the event along with Cool Cat, implying that he may possibly have a job in the entertainment industry, this being supported by him having green screen, among other film equipment in his home. He may either be a director, or actor, considering his affiliation with the Hollywood parade. This is also supported by the fact that he has furnishings, and custom designed clothing for cool cat that would obviously cost large amounts of money, making it likely. He also apparently has enough money to buy Cool Cat a convertible with his logo(s) on it, also supporting the idea that he likely has a high-paying job in the entertainment industry.